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All my friends know that I’ve always been a fierce supporter of BlackBerry phones, I’ve owned a ton of them and always loved them because they were really great for work and down to business like other fancy phones were not. I like my gadgets like the next girl but when it comes to sparing time in my job I’m all for it and having to deal with hundreds of email almost on daily basis I’ve always considered the BlackBerry system the superior one, easier to mark them all as read or unread, easier to delete a bunch of them in one touch, better way of archiving them and so on. Simply the best! So I was truly impatient to get my BB Z10 and yesterday morning as soon as I knew I could find it on the stores I’ve gone and bought it. The phone looks good, it’s light, touchscreen work quickly and perfectly and the writing is amazing, but this is all for the positive traits. The best feature for me was the email system part as I’ve said and I thought this new HUB was going to improve it not actually to make it a lame copy of the iPhone or other Android phones. The HUB get all your notification in one place… wow such a great feature… no one had thought of it before… seriously there are ton of apps doing the same job on other phones without making a fuss our out of it. Yes it’s fine to have everything in one special screen page but really if having them all together meant making going through them all the more complicated RIM could have simply avoided that and kept the old way that made my job easier and quicker! (my horror when I discovered that not only I couldn’t select them all anymore to cancel the old messages but I had to check them 1 on 1 was immense, and not only that but to cancel 1 message you can’t do in one touch but you need to open a small screen part on the right!)
After this shock I must admit I was quite depressed with my new purchase but I kept going through it nonetheless and here are some other comparison with the iPhone 5 which is sadly coming out on top of for the great pleasure of some friends of mine that have been trying to convert me to Apple phones for years without success.
my personal comparison on the subjectCollapse )
And in the end the words won't matter Cause in the end nothing stays the same And in the end dreams just scatter and fall like rain All we are we are
NOI abbiam capito tutto è un po' come nel calcio la dura legge del gol gli altri segneranno però che spettacolo quando giochiamo noi NON MOLLIAMO MAI
And every time I close my eyes I think, I think about you inside I can't see where you're comin' from But I know just what you're runnin' from
Tu, ora dove sei? se vivi un'altra storia, con chi stai? chi ti prenderà? chi ti stringerà? chi ti griderà sei unica? mio danno ed amore
Tell me you'll love me like a star Tell me you'll want me wherever you are, Tell me you'll breathe me until your last breath. Liar liar oh liar liar.

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